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Intellectual Property Law: Counseling,
Licensing, Litigation & Procurement

BLF National Tier-1 2016 Litigation Intellectual PropertyWhile litigation is expensive and time consuming and should be considered a remedy of last resort, it is often the only way to resolve conflicts. The enforcement of patents, trademarks and copyrights through litigation and related activities, has been a principal component of the firm’s practice since its founding.

We have represented our clients’ interests on both sides of these issues in courts throughout the United States, from the Supreme Court to the appellate courts and district courts in all twelve judicial circuits.

In addition, our attorneys have assisted and consulted in connection with enforcement activities worldwide playing key roles in the strategy and coordination of foreign litigation. Banner & Witcoff lawyers regularly appear before government administrative bodies, such as the Patent and Trademark Office Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences and the International Trade Commission.

Recently, a trend has developed to litigate patent cases before juries, and Banner & Witcoff attorneys are among the most experienced in developing and presenting patent litigation evidence to both bench and jury. Our lawyers have highly trained abilities to understand modern technology and to explain it in concise, common sense terms. Equally important, Banner & Witcoff attorneys have a thorough understanding of patent law and the ability to work closely with other scientists and engineers, identifying what is truly important and what is not.

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