Intellectual Property Law: Counseling, Licensing, Litigation & Procurement

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Internet, E-Commerce & Business Methods

The rapid growth of the Internet and e-commerce has prompted many companies to reevaluate their intellectual property assets and risks. As a result of recent court rulings, methods of transacting business that were previously not believed to be patentable have now been patented. Electronic shopping carts, search engines, online auctions, and web- based advertising techniques are all the subject of issued U.S. patents. The ease with which copyrighted and trademarked material can be downloaded and displayed on web sites has led to numerous disputes among companies doing business on the Internet.

Banner & Witcoff is at the forefront of the legal issues surrounding these technologies. Our lawyers have prepared and filed numerous patent applications covering web site designs, Internet security, online purchasing, marketing and shopping techniques, web browsers, fundraising methods, business-to-business commerce exchanges, and similar technologies. Our lawyers won a $1 million patent infringement jury verdict against a software company that sold infringing software over the Internet. The firm also represents clients in due diligence and acquisition of intellectual property relating to Internet technology.

We have handled domain name disputes; negotiated acquisition of domain names; provided advice regarding protection of domain names and trademarks used on web sites; filed trademark applications for Internet-related brands; and prepared licenses relating to the use of trademarks on web sites. The firm also advises clients regarding trademark infringement and remedies under various laws, including the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act enacted in 1999.

In the copyright area, we have provided clearance opinions to website operators for copyrighted material including literary and artistic works; investigated and provided opinions regarding metatag infringement; and negotiated copyright licenses for online electronic media. Our lawyers have experience with issues regarding proprietary rights between departing employees and former employers involving intellectual property rights and the Internet

Intellectual Property Law: Counseling, Licensing, Litigation & Procurement