Intellectual Property Law: Counseling, Licensing, Litigation & Procurement

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Trademarks are at the heart of our economic system. They instantly identify the products and services of individual companies and convey the goodwill and history of consumer satisfaction inherent within such products and services. Your trademark may be your company’s most valuable property. You should ensure that it is treated that way.

At Banner & Witcoff we handle all manner of trademark and related Internet issues, ranging from clearance and prosecution of marks to litigation. Currently, the firm is prosecuting and maintaining thousands of trademark registrations for its clients. Banner & Witcoff has been active in many leading trademark decisions in federal trial and appellate courts, as well as in the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

No one should be able to steal your good name. We can assist you in selecting strong, protectable trademarks that can be used and registered in the United States and foreign countries, as well as protecting your marks in cyberspace. In addition to maintaining existing trademarks, it is critical for companies to anticipate their future trademark needs and obtain accurate and timely legal advice about new marks and domain names.

Banner & Witcoff can provide the advice you require to protect your good name.

Intellectual Property Law: Counseling, Licensing, Litigation & Procurement