Having worked as chemists and engineers at global corporations, our attorneys have a deep comprehension of the emerging technologies and developing inventions in these fields. Today, we maintain a growing U.S. and foreign prosecution practice involving chemical inventions.

Some of our representative experience includes procurement and enforcement of IP rights in the fields of:

  • Alloy compositions and metallurgy
  • Biofuel synthesis from thermal (pyrolytic) and catalytic routes
  • Catalysts and catalytic conversion processes, including refining and petrochemical processes
  • Cosmetics
  • Dental formulations for tooth remineralization, repair, and whitening
  • Fabrics and treatments thereof
  • Food and beverage chemistry, as well as nutraceutical products
  • Inks and pigments
  • Packaging materials, including plastic- and paper-based multilayer structures
  • Polymers, their synthesis and shaping processes including molding and extrusion, and multilayer laminates
  • Radiation curable compositions
  • Solid and liquid surface chemistry, including surfactants such as detergents and soaps
  • Systems for process monitoring and control, as well as plant safety
  • Tobacco and processing of tobacco

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Chemistry + Chemical Engineering industries.