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Medical Devices

Banner & Witcoff has an extensive and varied history of significant patent work in medical device litigation. From orthopaedic prostheses to orthodontic devices, from lithotriptors to laser surgery, and from ophthalmology to arthroscopy, our lawyers pioneered medical device patent litigation. In the process, we have successfully served the varied patent needs of the medical device community.

Our lawyers have unique experience in litigating medical device patents. With a thorough knowledge of the distinctive business and regulatory constraints of medical device companies, and with a well-honed understanding of the reaction of courts and juries to new medical developments, our lawyers are skilled at effectively making the best courtroom presentation for medical device litigants.

Our background in medical device patent litigation is far-reaching. Below are some of the medical device technologies that form just a part of our patent litigation experience:

  • cardiac pacemakers
  • catheters
  • contact lenses
  • dental care products
  • implanted electrical leads
  • infant incubators
  • inhalation therapy
  • laser surgical tools
  • lithotripters
  • orthopedic implants
  • orthopedic surgical tools
  • ostomy devices

Intellectual Property Law: Counseling, Licensing, Litigation & Procurement