The North Shore and West Suburban Corporate IP Roundtable programs will host a July 7 webinar focused on legal and business challenges stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sponsored by Banner Witcoff, the webinar will feature speakers George Jonas, managing counsel for global patents and technology law at BP; Nada Ardeleanu, assistant general counsel at Cardinal Health; and Kyle Kappes, general counsel at Epic Systems.

The trio of longtime in-house counsel will discuss their experiences and provide insights on how they are navigating the challenges and uncertainties, including crisis management, business continuity, budget pressure, and team morale, among others.

A Q&A session will follow the webinar, which will begin at 12 p.m. CT. The program is intended for in-house counsel who address IP issues and live in, or work in, Chicago’s suburbs. One MCLE credit is pending.

Attendees must register in advance. Click here to register.

The North Shore Corporate IP Roundtable program was created to provide educational and networking opportunities for in-house corporate counsel. Due to its success, the firm-sponsored initiative was expanded to Chicago’s west suburbs.

Banner Witcoff attorney Darrell G. Mottley will speak on a June 25 webinar exploring fashion technology.

Darrell will examine the legal aspects of fashion technology and design protection, including block chain in fashion design, virtual models and 3D printed ready-to-wear clothing.

The webinar, “The Incredible World of Fashion Tech,” is hosted by American Bar Association (ABA) and sponsored by the ABA’s Section of Science & Technology Law. Click here to register.

Banner Witcoff attorney Sarah A. Kagan will explore the patentability of therapeutics and vaccines related to COVID-19 for the June 17 episode of The McCarthy Institute Series.

As part of the episode, Sarah will join The McCarthy Institute Director David Franklyn for a discussion on biotech patenting around COVID-19. The webinar will examine the patentability of COVID-related therapeutics and vaccines, as well as ethical and social justice implications of patenting in this space. Sarah and David, a professor of Llaw and business at Golden Gate University, will also discuss how to counsel biotech clients with regard to patentability issues related to COVID.

The live episode, which marks the second in the ongoing series, will take place at 3 p.m. ET on June 17. Click here to register or for more information on the free webinar series.

As part of the firm’s sponsorship of the 2020 AlphaLab Gear Hardware Cup, Banner Witcoff will announce on May 19 which finalist will receive free legal services for the preparation and filing of a U.S. patent application.

The Hardware Cup is an international pitch competition for early-stage hardware startups. Six regional competitions already took place in Pittsburgh, Boston, Washington, D.C., Raleigh, Chicago, and San Jose, as well as several international competitions. At each event, startups gave three-minute pitches to a panel of judges made up of local investors and venture capitalists.

The finals will be held virtually on May 19, when the winning team will be awarded a $50,000 grand prize. During the event, Banner Witcoff attorney Justin Philpott will announce the winner of the Banner Witcoff free patent application award. It will mark the first time a patent application was offered as part of the competition.

“We have seen some excellent pitches from many startups throughout this year’s competition,” Justin said. “And we look forward to the difficult decision ahead in selecting a winner of the Banner Witcoff free patent application award.”

To view a list of the finalists and to register to attend the virtual finals, click here.

For an upcoming webinar, Banner Witcoff attorney Robert S. Katz will join speakers from Canada, Germany and France to share their experiences about working from home and managing an IP business through lockdown.

Hosted by the Federation International des Conseils en Propriete Industrielle (FICPI), the webinar will take place at 7 a.m. on April 29. FICPI is an international organization made up of intellectual property attorneys.

Rob — who serves as vice president of FICPI’s U.S. Section — and the other speakers will discuss working from home and responding to clients’ needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. They will also examine business development and industry implications, among other related issues.

Click here to register for the webinar, “Covid-19: Managing an IP Business through a lockdown and beyond.”

On April 16, Banner Witcoff attorney Scott M. Kelly will speak to the Young Lawyers Action Group (YLAG) of the American Bar Association Section of Intellectual Property Law.

Scott, a principal shareholder in the firm’s Washington, D.C., office, will join Chicago attorney Ross Hersemann for the YLAG’s virtual professional development panel and monthly call. Scott and Ross will share their experiences and tips for how to navigate legal careers and stay professionally relevant during uncertain times.

For more information about the group, visit to the YLAG’s website.  You can join the call at

Banner Witcoff is sponsoring the 18th Annual Rocky Mountain Intellectual Property & Technology Law Institute, which is scheduled to take place August 20-21 in Westminster, Colorado.

The two-day conference offers educational programming on a variety of IP and technology issues, including driverless cars and AI, the rise of big data, and other developments in IP law.

Click here for more information on the Rocky Mountain Intellectual Property & Technology Law Institute.

Banner Witcoff attorney Robert S. Katz will discuss prosecuting and litigating design patent claims for a May 12 webinar.

Rob and his co-presenters will examine recent treatment of novelty and obviousness issues by U.S. courts and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. They will also offer best practices for prosecuting design patent applications and defending against obviousness and novelty attacks in litigation.

Following the 90-minute webinar, Rob and his co-presenters will participate in an interactive Q&A session.

Click here for more information or to register for the Strafford webinar titled, “Design Patents: Obviousness and Novelty Requirements.”

Banner Witcoff attorney Robert S. Katz will speak about design patent claims for a March 19 webinar.

Rob and his co-presenters will provide guidance to counsel on how to draft design patent claims to withstand scrutiny and avoid claim limitation claims. They will also explore recent court treatment of claim construction issues and examine considerations for drafting design patent claims.

Click here for more information or to register for the Strafford webinar titled, “Design Patent Claim Construction: Written Description, Ornamentality, Functionality, and More.”

Banner Witcoff is sponsoring CARPLS’s 2020 Golden Gavel Celebration Dinner, scheduled to take place Oct. 1 in Chicago.

The event will honor Susan L. Lees of The Allstate Corporation with CARPLS’s Golden Gavel Award, which recognizes individuals, law firms and corporations that make significant contributions to advance its mission of providing access to justice for all.

Founded in 1993 as Coordinated Advice & Referral Program for Legal Services, CARPLS is Cook County’s largest provider of free legal services. 

More information about the organization and upcoming event can be found on CARPLS’s website.