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06.05.19 | Aseet Patel to Discuss Strategies for IoT Companies on Clear Law Institute Webinar

02.21.19 | Aseet Patel presents Clear Law Institute Webinar, “How to Launch Your Internet of Things (IoT) Invention Without Getting Sued for Patent Infringement”

02.15.18 | Aseet Patel presents LES webinar “Patent Eligibility of Software Inventions After Alice and Its Impact on Patent Valuations”

11.06.17 | Aseet Patel facilitates discussion on impediments to IP understanding at Intellectual Property Awareness Summit in Chicago

10.20.17 | WITCON 2017 – Banner & Witcoff’s Corporate Intellectual Property Seminar in Chicago

07.15.17 | Banner & Witcoff sponsors, Aseet Patel presents at South Asian Bar Association of North America Annual Convention in Washington, D.C.

02.28.17 | Aseet Patel presents an overview of memoranda in Enfish/TFI and McRO/Bascom in AIPLA Patent Law Committee subcommittee teleconference

01.18.17 | Aseet Patel participates in Clear Law Institute webinar, “Protecting Software Inventions: Learning From the Patents the U.S. Patent Office Has Granted Since Alice”

06.08.16 | Aseet Patel joins Bloomberg BNA webinar panel, “Overcoming Alice: An Empirical Analysis of Granted Patents Since Alice”

05.07.16 | Aseet Patel introduces CIPA to the Girls4Science project in Chicago

04.11.14 | Aseet Patel and Bradley J. Van Pelt present at the 2014 Corporate Patent Seminar in Chicago

03.25.14 | Aseet Patel and Bradley J. Van Pelt join a corporate counsel panel “The Total User Experience” at the MIP US Patent Forum in Washington, DC.

12.11.13 | Webinar: The Total User Experience: Improving the Content and Quality of Your Company’s Patent Application Process Post-AIA

02.12.13 | Aseet Patel presents at the USPTO Software Partnership Roundtable in Silicon Valley

06.26.08 | Banner & Witcoff proudly sponsors the Fifth Annual North American South Asian Bar Association.