Banner Witcoff presents WITCON Delivered

For nearly 20 years, Banner Witcoff has provided intellectual property programming to corporate audiences through its signature WITCON seminar. Now, reimagined as a series, Banner Witcoff brings IP programs to corporate audiences everywhere as WITCON Delivered.

On Thursday, June 8, Banner Witcoff hosted its first WITCON Delivered. The programming featured two 30-minute presentations by Banner Witcoff attorneys.  

The Program

Patent Attacks: The Risks and Benefits

Attacking patents after grant has become commonplace through the USPTO’s post-grant procedures. But procedures exist to attack patent applications before they ever issue. This session will examine how third parties might attack patent applications during examination, whether it is prudent to do so, and the impact of pre-issuance attacks on your business model and patent program.

Jay Bombien

Of Counsel, Banner Witcoff

Jay counsels clients on all types of patent-related matters while focusing on securing patent rights in electrical, computer, and mechanical technologies including medical imaging systems, autonomous driving, factory automation, wireless communication systems, semiconductor devices and fabrication, printing systems and devices, electronic displays and driving circuitry, medical and biomedical devices, automotive control systems, and magnetoresistive devices.

Brian Emfinger

Shareholder, Banner Witcoff

Brian Emfinger focuses his practice on growing patent portfolios for clients of all sizes. He has helped clients obtain domestic and foreign patent protection in a wide variety of technologies, including 5G telecommunications, video and image processing, the Internet-of-Things (IoT), cybersecurity and network maintenance, content delivery, remote and virtual computing, voice recognition, search engines, scientific instruments and equipment, military systems, fintech, insurtech, ecommerce, business methods, and footwear. Brian also enjoys advising clients on cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

Modern Strategies for Enforcing IP Against Online Infringers 

Online infringement has proliferated the past few years and those responsible have become even more difficult to pin down. From interdicting fake social media posts to drop shipments, traditional methods of enforcement have a place in the toolkit but new techniques are needed. In this session, Katie Laatsch Fink and Erik Maurer will explore emerging strategies for enforcing IP in today’s difficult online environment.

Katie Laatsch Fink

Shareholder, Banner Witcoff

Katie is recognized as one of Chicago’s most notable women lawyers. She represents clients in litigation and provides counseling on a broad range of issues involving patents, trademarks, trade dress, copyrights and trade secrets. Katie has significant experience managing and litigating intellectual property matters. Knowledgeable in all aspects of litigation from discovery and motion practice to trial and appeal, she has successfully achieved her clients’ business goals in enforcing intellectual property rights and defending against infringement allegations.

Erik Maurer

Shareholder, Banner Witcoff

Erik Maurer focuses his practice on intellectual property litigation and counseling at the intersection of technological innovation, industrial design, and brand building. Whether pioneering new strategies for defining and enforcing product configuration trade dress or crafting creative dispute resolutions, Erik thrives on understanding clients’ business goals and solving complex IP problems.

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Program Materials

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