Kirk Sigmon Offers PR Strategies for Drafting Patents in Corporate Counsel

Corporate Counsel recently published an article written by Banner Witcoff attorney Kirk Sigmon providing patent owners a trio of strategies to help prevent their patents from being misunderstood.

Kirk notes that while patent publications are technical, the general public has become increasingly interested in them, especially now that there are entire websites dedicated to tracking patent filings of major companies. “This trend, while usually innocuous, can be risky for patent owners, as their patents can be misunderstood, mischaracterized and maligned,” he wrote.

In his article, Kirk offers three strategies for companies and patent owners to consider to avoid a potential public relations blowback based on their patent filings. One of the strategies Kirk highlights is to “draft with non-technical readers in mind, as they can easily misunderstand what you think is fairly clear.”

Click here to download the July 8 article, “PR-Friendly Patents: 3 Strategies to Prevent Patents From Being Misunderstood, Mischaracterized and Maligned.”

Posted: July 13, 2020

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