IP Law in the Metaverse: Scott Kelly presents with Massachusetts CLE

Banner Witcoff’s Scott Kelly is a panelist during the Massachusetts CLE (MCLE) online seminar “IP Law in the Metaverse” on Wednesday, February 7, from 2-5 pm EST.  

As the boundaries between virtual and physical realities blur, the question of who owns what in the digital realm becomes predominant. It involves consideration of traditional intellectual property rights such as copyrights, patents, and trademarks, but also other proprietary claims arising from contract rights and privacy rights under data protection lawsIt also includes attention to the interplay of these interests with various components and layers of Web3 transactions. The panel will address these and other issues associated with IP considerations in the metaverse.

Additional topics include: 

  • The Features That Define the Metaverse and Web3, and How the Technology Differs from Prior Virtual Worlds, E-commerce and Popular Generalizations
  • Basic Mechanisms of Digital Transactions and Data Transfers Between Relevant Systems and How Value Is Created and Transacted in Current “Metaverses” and Web3, Such as Minting of Content Based NFTs and Smart Contract Payment of Licensing Royalties
  • Legal Framework, Business Challenges, and Opportunities for Holders of Traditional Intellectual Property Rights Presented by the Metaverse and Web3, Including Considerations Around Brand Use, User (and AI) Generated Content, and Data Privacy Laws
  • Examine Current Litigations Surrounding Copyright and Trademark Rights Tied to Digital Content and the Unique Challenges Presented by the Metaverse and Web3
  • Investigate the Potential for, and Current State of, Interoperability and Persistent Identity within the Metaverse Framework, and How It Impacts the Application and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Laws

Learn more and register for the event by clicking here

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