B&W Reaches Design Patent Milestone

October 6, 2005

Banner & Witcoff prosecuted its 2000th design patent to issuance since 1995. This is first among all law firms during this period.

Banner & Witcoff has averaged over 200 design patents per year over the last 9 years. More than 80% of these are original filings where the firm helps strategize claim scope with clients and procure drawings.

For 15 consecutive years the firm has prosecuted to issuance over 100 design patents per year. The firm has also had 5 consecutive years with more than 150 design patents prosecuted to issuance. Few firms ever reach 100 or 150 design patents in a given year.

Banner & Witcoff actively assists clients in monitoring industry to identify infringements. The firm has won on summary judgment motion on issues of infringement and validity for design patentee and accused infringers.

Banner & Witcoff is a proven leader in design patent related legal services.

For more information on the design patent practice of the firm, please contact Robert Katz.

Posted: October 6, 2005

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