Banner Witcoff, Withers & Rogers and Boult Wade Tennant Create Associate Exchange Program

Spending Several Weeks at Other Firm’s Offices to Gain Different IP Perspective

Leading intellectual property firms Banner Witcoff based in the US, and Withers & Rogers and Boult Wade Tennant LLP, based in Europe, have started an associate exchange program.

As the law firms have mutual clients, it made sense to create an informal exchange program which benefits the firms’ clients, as well as provides a more enlightened perspective on various facets of intellectual property law. The associates learn about and become a helpful resource on US and EU intellectual property law and issues.

The law firms have structured the exchange program as primarily one of informal relationship building. The associates work on projects assigned by their home firm as well as on matters for mutual clients, while serving as an “in house” resource on US, UK and European law.

Some of the many benefits of the program include a closer understanding of projects for mutual clients and the ability to advise clients more efficiently with a more holistic and global perspective.

This summer, Banner Witcoff’s senior associate Reilley Keane, spent seven weeks in London, first at Withers & Rogers’s London office, then at Boult Wade Tennant. While in London, Reilley attended firms’ summer events and socialized with the London-based associates, and even participated in a Withers & Rogers versus Boult Wade Tennant LLP softball game.

Beginning October 10, Withers & Rogers associate Daniel Varley will spend four weeks at Banner Witcoff’s Washington, D.C. office and will also be building the relationship with Sterne Kessler.

Banner Witcoff’s Ross Dannenberg explained, “The idea for an associate exchange came during a conversation with Nick Wallin at Withers & Rogers at the start of the pandemic. With remote work now a great option, it made sense to send associates to other firms where we have special relationships to deepen ties. This program pays for itself in relationship building, as there is nothing like in-person, day-to-day interactions, which allows associates to experience different perspectives and grow their careers.”

Nick Wallin from Withers & Rogers added, “We already have a deep relationship with Banner Witcoff and share several international clients. To help build on this, we feel that it is important to exchange associates to deepen relationships with select firms, as this allows the newest generations to get to know each other and keep working together. Having Daniel in the States allows us to better understand how the US IP attorneys work, which is a great, hands-on education program for our junior people.”

Howard Sands from Boult Wade Tennant LLP noted, “We really benefitted from Reilley’s visit to our London office this year.  As well as building stronger ties between Boult Wade Tennant LLP and Banner Witcoff, having an experienced US practitioner available in person allowed our own attorneys to gain valuable insights into the subtleties of US patent practice.  We look forward to sending our associates to Banner Witcoff, as there is nothing like in-person contact to cement the friendship between our firms.”

All of the participating law firms hope that the exchange program continues and expands in 2023 and beyond.

Posted: October 11, 2022

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