Banner Witcoff Celebrates National Industrial Design Day and 21 Consecutive Years as the Leader in Design Patent Procurement

Banner Witcoff is proud to help celebrate National Industrial Design Day.  Industrial designers improve our lives filling the world with more beautiful products.  As noted on IDSA’s website, “Product design and related services generate billions of dollars in sales and the number of U.S.-awarded design patents has reached an all-time high.”  Banner Witcoff extends it bests wishes to its design-driven clients and their creative designers.

Banner Witcoff also is proud to announce that the firm has again been ranked first on the 2023 U.S. Design Patent Toteboard, cementing its lead in U.S. Design Patent Procurement for the 21st consecutive year.  Banner’s 1137 design patents procured in 2023 was more than the amount procured by the second and third place law firms combined.

Over the last decade, Banner Witcoff has acquired nearly 1,000 U.S. design patents per year. The firm has procured portfolios of 100 or more design patents for 15 different clients and design patent portfolios of 40 or more for more than 30 different clients. During that span, the firm has helped to successfully enforce hundreds of design patents.

“Banner Witcoff’s dedication and innovative strategies to protecting our client’s intellectual property has enabled us to lead the design patent practice for another consecutive year,” said Banner Witcoff shareholder Robert S. Katz. “It’s an honor to hold this record and we continue to be thankful that our design-driven clients put their trust in us to protect their most important designs.”

No one is better at obtaining U.S. design patents than Banner Witcoff. We represent multinational, innovative design-driven companies in both the prosecution of design patent applications in the U.S. and around the world, and in the enforcement of their design patents. Many of our clients entrust substantial portions of, or their entire patent portfolios to us.


About Banner Witcoff For more than 100 years, Banner Witcoff has been protecting IP and propelling business. Our team of seasoned litigators fiercely protects, enforces, and defends our clientele’s intellectual property and interests — all over the world. We pride ourselves on our vast knowledge of IP law, serving all its facets, including patent, trademark, copyright, trade secrets, and more.

Posted: March 5, 2024

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