AI Inventorship, Everything is Obvious? – Scott Kelly Joins Panel at IP-Con 2023

Shareholder Scott Kelly will participate in a panel on artificial intelligence and inventorship at the 2023 IP-Con, hosted by The McCarthy Institute at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law in Redwood Shores, California.

Current cases hold that only natural persons can be named as inventors. But is material created by an AI ever “inventive”?  Or is it just expanding the scope of obvious to try? The panel, titled “Patent Busting: When is AI too Artificial?,“ will explore the future of AI-generated inventions, using AI as a tool to enhance human inventorship, and the role of AI in the patenting process. It will also delve into other ways that AI generation of “inventions” and prior art will impact how we approach patents.

Read more about Scott’s panel and IP-Con 2023 by clicking here.

About IP-Con 2023

The AI/IP conflict is developing more quickly than many professionals foresaw. The proliferation of AI is disrupting the very foundation of IP law by challenging long-held conceptions of what it means to be a creator, inventor, or producer of intellectual products. The immediate response has been to propose regulatory solutions on a number of fronts including a separate federal agency to tackle AI problems and a number of pending bills on Capitol Hill and in states across the country. This latest installment of IP-Con will bring together experts from government, academia, industry, and legal practice to explore this new intersection of AI, IP, and regulatory initiatives.

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