Tech Publications Quote Kerry Creeron in Articles About Apple Patent

Tom’s Hardware and TechPowerUp, two online publications focused on technology, sought out Banner Witcoff attorney Kerry Creeron for his insight on Apple’s newly-issued patent for a multi-level memory subsystem.

Apple’s patent, which covers a hybrid memory subsystem comprised of cache DRAM and main DRAM, “may provide a glimpse of how Apple sees the future of its system-on-chips,” according to the Jan. 27 Tom’s Hardware article.

“This patent was filed in a wide array of jurisdictions, including the EP (European Patent Org.), U.S., China, and Japan,” Kerry told Tom’s Hardware. “Such a wide filing strategy is expensive and typically only makes sense if IP protection is important.” 

The Tom’s Hardware article, “Apple Patent May Hint at the Future of Its Chips: A Multi-Level Hybrid Memory Subsystem,” and the Jan. 28 TechPowerUp article, Apple Patents Multi-Level Hybrid Memory Subsystem,” are both available online.

Posted: January 28, 2021

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