Patenting Blockchain Inventions Checklist

Banner Witcoff’s Aseet Patel and Hengyi Jiang partnered with Jenifer Lake – Patent Agent and Patent Program Manager for a Fortune 500 financial services firm -to develop a checklist for evaluating and patenting blockchain-related inventions.

The trio includes steps for conducting an invention disclosure meeting to determine Section 101 patent eligibility, and responding to US Patent and Trademark Office patent eligibility claim rejections, including the technical features and improvements often needed to overcome these rejections.

Find their full checklist by clicking here.

Aseet and Hengyi have previously presented on working with Blockchain inventions and patents, and have developed checklists for technical disclosures and counter-arguments. Banner Witcoff has extensive experience in preparing and prosecuting blockchain-related patent applications. The firm has helped clients obtain many patents on blockchain-related technologies.

Posted: June 21, 2023

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