New USPTO Trademark Status and Document Retrieval System

December 8, 2011
On or about December 16, 2011, the USPTO will introduce a new system for accessing both trademark status data and documents; the Trademark Status and Document Retrieval System (TSDR 1.0).
TSDR 1.0 will redefine the way Trademark status data and all documents will be displayed to the public.  It reengineers the existing functionality that the current Trademark Applications and Registrations Retrieval System (TARR) and Trademark Document Retrieval System (TDR) provide and adds new features, providing access to one place for viewing, printing, and downloading snapshots of the data the USPTO stores about a trademark application or registration.
New features include:
  • The ability to preview and print the status content being presented.
  • The ability to download a PDF or the original form of the status content (an Extensible Markup Language (XML) file).
  • The ability to view the mark as stored in the USPTO mark image repository, and expand the size thereof through mouse rollover feature.
  • The organization of content into logical sections, with a more logical arrangement of the content within those sections.
  • The ability to collapse and expand sections of the data.
  • The ability to move easily between status and document content.
  • The presentation of basis data at both the case and class levels.
  • Links to related properties, where applicable.
  • Access to Trademark status data without going to the TSDR site via an Application Programming Interface (API), which is accessible via unique URL’s that allow the retrieval of data in a specified format (PDF or XML).
  • Significant decrease in the amount of time between an update to the internal USPTO database record and what is available externally (seconds as opposed to hours).
Note, at some future but presently undetermined point, both the current TARR and TDR will disappear.   Until then, the links for both TARR and TDR will take the user to an “interim” page, from which either the existing system can be reached or the new TSDR 1.0 can be accessed.

Please click here to read the USPTO notice.

Posted: December 8, 2011

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