Marc Cooperman Shares Tips on How to Win Patent Damages

For an Oct. 8 article, Law360 sought out Banner Witcoff attorney Marc S. Cooperman for his insight as a litigator on how to present a strong case on damages to jurors.

“The damages side of things for a lot of patent lawyers is an afterthought, even though very often it’s one of the principal reasons that your client wants to bring the case in the first place,” Marc told Law360. He added, “You are doing a disservice to your client if you don’t focus on it.”                                                      

Marc also stressed how important it is for litigants to hire attorneys and damages experts who not only can crunch numbers, but are personable and able to tell their client’s story to jurors. He noted that “[y]our case before the jury lives and dies with how strong of an expert you have and how well that expert connects with the jury.”

The article, “How To Win A Patent Damages Battle,” is available online to Law360 subscribers.

Oct. 10, 2019

Posted: October 10, 2019

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