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10.12.18 | 2018 Recent Developments in Patent Law. Presented to the 19th Annual Virginia Information Technology Legal Institute. 10/12/18 (Bradley C. Wright)

10.10.18 | New Claim Construction Standard at the PTAB as of November 13, 2018. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 10/10/18 (Bradley J. Van Pelt)

10.01.18 | Is a New Crystal Polymorph Useful and Non-Obvious Over a Prior Art Form of the Same Chemical Formula?. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 10/01/2018 (Sarah A. Kagan-Ph.D.)

09.28.18 | Software Patents Still Valuable After Alice. Today's General Counsel. 09/28/2018 (Aseet Patel)

09.11.18 | Patent Exhaustion in View of Impression Prods., Inc. v. Lexmark Int'l, Inc.. Bloomberg BNA. 09/10/2018 (Audra C. Eidem Heinze, Timothy C. Meece)

09.11.18 | 5 Common IP Traps Startups Should Avoid. World Intellectual Property Review. 09/07/2018 (Kirk A. Sigmon)

09.10.18 | In IPR, It’s What, Why, and How That Makes Your Case. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 09/10/2018 (Charles W. Shifley)

08.30.18 | Does Secret Prior Art Survive in the AIA? Twelve Interested Parties Weigh In. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 08/30/2018 (Sarah A. Kagan-Ph.D.)

08.27.18 | Company Founder Joined and Potentially Liable for Attorneys’ Fees — An Interesting Wrinkle in a Typical “Exceptional” Case. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 08/27/2018 (Apurv Gaurav, Scott M. Kelly)

08.27.18 | Full Panel of Fed. Cir. Clarifies that Even Voluntarily Dismissed Cases Start the Year Time-Bar Clock for Inter Partes Review. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 08/27/2018 (Bradley J. Van Pelt, Kevin C. Keenan)