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05.09.18 | Demystifying IoT Technology: Beyond the Buzzwords. American Bar Association Internet of Things National Institute. 05/09/2018 (Darrell G. Mottley)

03.28.17 | An Interview with Horace G. Dawson III, Executive Vice President, External Relations and General Counsel, Red Lobster Seafood Company. Landslide Magazine. March/April 2017 (Darrell G. Mottley)

03.23.17 | Supreme Court Weighs in on Apparel Design Copyrightability in Star Athletica v. Varsity Brands. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 03/23/2017 (Darrell G. Mottley)

06.08.16 | The Metaphysical Quandary of Copyright Protection for Fashion Designs. Banner & Witcoff IP Update. Spring/Summer 2016 (Darrell G. Mottley)

05.02.16 | U.S. Supreme Court Will Weigh in on Star Athletica LLC v. Varsity Brands Inc. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 05/02/2016 (Darrell G. Mottley)

10.29.15 | U.S. Design Patents and the Hague Agreement Concerning Industrial Designs; Thomson Reuters Practical Law. 10/29/2015. Thomson Reuters Practical Law. 10/29/2015 (Darrell G. Mottley)

05.29.15 | The International Design Application: The Hague Agreement and U.S. Design Law. Banner & Witcoff IP Update. Spring/Summer 2015 (Darrell G. Mottley)

05.20.15 | Apple v. Samsung: The Federal Circuit Clarifies Design Patent Principles Law. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 05/21/2015 (Darrell G. Mottley, Robert S. Katz)

05.31.13 | U.S. Implementation of the Hague Agreement for Industrial Designs: Not a “One-Size-Fits-All” System. Banner & Witcoff IP Update. Spring/Summer 2013 (Darrell G. Mottley)

04.09.13 | Industrial Strength. Intellectual Property Magazine. April 2013 (Darrell G. Mottley)

02.13.13 | U.S. Implementation of The Hague Agreement — What You Need to Know; Intellectual Property Today. (Darrell G. Mottley)

12.19.12 | U.S. to Implement the Hague Agreement Concerning International Registration of Industrial Designs. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 12/19/2012 (Darrell G. Mottley)

05.29.12 | Contract Lawyers and the Business of Law. Washington Lawyer. 05/29/2012. (Darrell G. Mottley)

05.02.12 | Flexibility: Managing Lawyer Talent. Washington Lawyer. 05/01/2012. (Darrell G. Mottley)

04.02.12 | A Washington Lawyer’s Role. Washington Lawyer. 04/01/2012. (Darrell G. Mottley)

03.01.12 | As Changes Abound, We Need to Keep Up. Washington Lawyer. 03/01/2012. (Darrell G. Mottley)

02.13.12 | U.S. Implementation of The Hague Agreement — What You Need to Know. Intellectual Property Today. February 2013 (Darrell G. Mottley)

02.01.12 | The Bar’s Resources: Yours for the Asking. Washington Lawyer. 02/01/2012. (Darrell G. Mottley)

01.12.12 | Sustainability: The Courts and Access to Justice. Washington Lawyer. 01/01/12 (Darrell G. Mottley)

01.05.12 | Navigating Fashion Law: Leading Lawyers on Exploring the Trends, Cases and Strategies of Fashion Law. Thomson Reuters. January 2012. (Darrell G. Mottley)

12.14.11 | Opposing Sides, A Common Goal. Washington Lawyer. 12/01/2011 (Darrell G. Mottley)

11.08.11 | Functionality: Trademark Rights Cancelled. The National Bar Association Commercial Law Newsletter. 11/01/2011. (Darrell G. Mottley)

11.08.11 | From the President: Diversity Efforts Take Persistent Energy. Washington Lawyer. 11/01/2011. (Darrell G. Mottley)

10.10.11 | From the President: New Technology, Old Values. Washington Lawyer. 10/01/11. (Darrell G. Mottley)

09.14.11 | From the President: The Power of Giving Hope. Washington Lawer. 09/01/2011. (Darrell G. Mottley)

08.10.11 | From the President: A Commitment to Leadership. Washington Lawyer. 08/01/11 (Darrell G. Mottley)

05.26.11 | Bound to be Round. Banner & Witcoff IP UPDATE. Spring/Summer 2011. (Darrell G. Mottley)

04.28.11 | False Patent Marking Tsunami: What In-House Counsel Should Do Now. IPO's Patent Section.  04/07/2011. (Darrell G. Mottley)

01.13.11 | Overview of Proposed U.S. Fashion Design Legislation. (Darrell G. Mottley)

06.29.10 | Arc’Teryx Equipment, Inc. v. Westcomb Outerwear, Inc.. Banner & Witcoff IP Case Study (Darrell G. Mottley)

03.15.10 | Titan Tire Corp. v. Case New Holland, Inc.. Banner & Witcoff IP Case Study (Darrell G. Mottley)

11.21.08 | Egyptian Goddess v. Swisa: Retooling Design Patent Infringement. Landslides, November 2008. (Darrell G. Mottley)