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02.15.19 | First PTAB Reversals Under New Subject Matter Eligibility Guidance. IP Watchdog. 02/15/2019 (Aseet Patel, Craig W. Kronenthal)

02.02.19 | First PTAB Decision Reversing Examiner Under New Subject Matter Eligibility Guidance. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert 02/02/2019 (Aseet Patel, Craig W. Kronenthal)

11.28.18 | Blackbird Techs. v. Niantic, Inc.. (Aseet Patel)

09.28.18 | Software Patents Still Valuable After Alice. Today's General Counsel. 09/28/2018 (Aseet Patel)

01.12.18 | Step One and Done to Patent Eligibility: Finjan, Inc. v. Blue Coat Systems, Inc.. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 01/12/2018 (Aseet Patel, Peter Nigrelli)

12.20.17 | Patenting Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial IoT Inventions After Alice. Banner & Witcoff IP Update. Fall/Winter 2017 (Aseet Patel, Azuka C. Dike)

08.22.17 | Technological Improvements, Illustrative Solutions, and Computer Code Appendix Shields Against a Motion to Dismiss on Alice Grounds. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 8/22/2017 (Aseet Patel, Brian Emfinger)

12.20.16 | At Two, Alice Toddles Along. Banner & Witcoff IP Update. Fall/Winter 2016 (Aseet Patel, Peter Nigrelli)

09.15.16 | McRO Inc. v. Bandai Namco Games America Inc. et al. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 09/15/2016 (Aseet Patel, Peter Nigrelli, Ross A. Dannenberg)

08.05.16 | Abstract Ideas: A Common-Sense Distinction in Electric Power Group v. Alstom. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 08/05/2016 (Aseet Patel, Joshua L. Davenport)

06.15.16 | Alice Turns Two. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 06/15/2016 (Aseet Patel, Peter Nigrelli)

05.31.16 | All Software Inventions Are Not Necessarily Abstract: Enfish, LLC v. Microsoft Corp. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 05/31/2016 (Aseet Patel, Peter Nigrelli)

11.21.14 | Three Rounds to Knock Out Ultramercial’s Patent on “Advertising as Currency”. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 11/21/2014 (Aseet Patel)

09.23.14 | The AIA Toolbox: Intake, Checklists, and Faster Drafting Techniques. Banner & Witcoff IP Update. Fall/Winter 2014 (Aseet Patel, Bradley J. Van Pelt)

05.21.14 | The First-To-File Toolbox: Intake, Checklists, Templates. IP Law360. 05/21/2014 (Aseet Patel)

09.28.10 | Bilski v. Kappos: Some Business Methods Still Patentable. Landslide. September/October 2010. (Aseet Patel, Charles Miller, Joseph J. Berghammer)

08.19.08 | Copyright Law Gives Mobile Users New Freedom With Legally Unlocked Cell Phones. (Aseet Patel, Timothy C. Meece)

08.19.08 | What Do Legally Unlocked Cell Phones Mean for the Consumer?. (Aseet Patel, Timothy C. Meece)