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07.17.19 | A Review of the PTAB Bulk Data Search Tool. Banner Witcoff PTAB Highlights, July 17, 2019 (Apurv Gaurav)

02.15.19 | First PTAB Reversals Under New Subject Matter Eligibility Guidance. IP Watchdog. 02/15/2019 (Aseet Patel, Craig W. Kronenthal)

02.02.19 | First PTAB Decision Reversing Examiner Under New Subject Matter Eligibility Guidance. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert 02/02/2019 (Aseet Patel, Craig W. Kronenthal)

12.12.18 | In IPR, a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words … or Worse than Worthless. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 12/12/2018 (Charles W. Shifley)

12.11.18 | Patent Law Year in Review 2018 Presentation. Presented to The D.C. Bar. 12/11/2018 (Scott M. Kelly)

12.05.18 | Helsinn v. Teva at the Supreme Court: Did the America Invents Act Change the On-Sale Bar?. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 12/5/2018 (Sarah A. Kagan Ph.D.)

12.03.18 | Allergan v. Teva Pharmaceuticals USA: Will the Recognized Commercial Success of Restasis® Demonstrate Non-Obviousness?. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 12/3/2018 (Sarah A. Kagan Ph.D.)

11.15.18 | Magic! Now You See the Patent, Now You Don’t!. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 11/15/2018 (Charles W. Shifley)

11.08.18 | Recent Developments in Patent Law 2018. Banner & Witcoff. 11/8/2018 (Bradley C. Wright)

10.15.18 | In IPR, a Patent Owner gets SASsy — With a Bold New Interpretation that the Supreme Court SAS Case Makes for Bad in many IPRs. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 10/15/2018 (Charles W. Shifley)

10.12.18 | 2018 Recent Developments in Patent Law. Presented to the 19th Annual Virginia Information Technology Legal Institute. 10/12/18 (Bradley C. Wright)

10.10.18 | New Claim Construction Standard at the PTAB as of November 13, 2018. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 10/10/18 (Bradley J. Van Pelt)

09.10.18 | In IPR, It’s What, Why, and How That Makes Your Case. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 09/10/2018 (Charles W. Shifley)

08.27.18 | Full Panel of Fed. Cir. Clarifies that Even Voluntarily Dismissed Cases Start the Year Time-Bar Clock for Inter Partes Review. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 08/27/2018 (Bradley J. Van Pelt, Kevin C. Keenan)

08.13.18 | In IPR, It Ain’t Who to Believe, It’s What to Believe, at a Detailed Level. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 08/13/2018 (Charles W. Shifley)

07.31.18 | Post-SAS, To File Or Not To File A Preliminary Response?. Law360 Expert Analysis. 07/31/2018 (Christopher L. McKee)

07.24.18 | One Shot and You Are Out at the PTAB. Banner & Witcoff IP Update. Summer 2018. (Sarah A. Kagan Ph.D.)

07.24.18 | Is There a New “New Narrative” to be Told About Patents?. Banner & Witcoff IP Update. Summer 2018. (Charles W. Shifley)

07.10.18 | Patents – Equal to Franchises and Toll Bridges? Seven Justices Seem to Say Yes in Inter Partes Review Decision. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 07/10/2018 (Charles W. Shifley)

06.25.18 | “You Took My Patent in IPR! Now You Owe Me!” … Don’t Take Out Your Wallet Just Yet. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 06/25/2018 (Charles W. Shifley)

06.04.18 | Your Inter Partes Review Petition and its Proof – Couldda, Wouldda … Shouldda. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 06/04/2018 (Charles W. Shifley)

05.31.18 | Can Challengers Now Attack Subject Matter Eligibility in Inter Partes Reviews?. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 05/31/2018 (Sarah A. Kagan Ph.D.)

05.25.18 | Weak Structural Similarity Augmented by Functional Similarity Suffices for Prima Facie Case of Obviousness. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 05/25/2018 (Sarah A. Kagan Ph.D.)

05.08.18 | In Inter Partes Review, Ride the Phillips Horse You Came In On. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 05/08/18 (Charles W. Shifley)

05.02.18 | Is Functional Similarity Between Compounds Sufficient to Create a Prima Facie Case of Obviousness?. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 05/02/2018 (Sarah A. Kagan Ph.D.)

04.30.18 | SAS Institute, Inc. v. Iancu: Raising the Stakes to an All-Or-Nothing Game at the PTAB. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 04/30/2018 (Eric A. Zelepugas, Justin M. Philpott, Christopher L. McKee, Scott M. Kelly)

04.27.18 | High Court Raises the Stakes at PTAB. Law360 Expert Analysis. 04/27/2018 (Eric A. Zelepugas, Justin M. Philpott)

04.26.18 | Oil States: Patents Are Public Rights, IPRs Are Here to Stay. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 04/26/2018 (Charles W. Shifley)

03.29.18 | An Exhausted Analysis of “Non-Exhaustive”: “Funny Things Are Everywhere”. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 03/29/2018 (Charles W. Shifley)

03.28.18 | Patent Trial and Appeal Board Writes a Decision the Federal Circuit Doesn’t Like? Too Bad for You, You Lose. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 03/28/2018 (Charles W. Shifley)

03.26.18 | Which Patent Trial and Appeal Board Trial Decisions Cannot be Appealed?. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 03/26/2018 (Sarah A. Kagan Ph.D.)

03.09.18 | When is a Published Patent Application Entitled to an Earlier Date as a Reference?. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 03/09/2018 (Sarah A. Kagan Ph.D.)

02.14.18 | Capturing Inventions from FDA Label Changes. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 02/14/2018 (Sarah A. Kagan Ph.D.)

02.02.18 | The Safe Harbor for Divisional Applications Shrinks. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 02/02/2018 (Sarah A. Kagan Ph.D.)

01.16.18 | Warning! Warning! Danger Will Robinson! In IPR, React in Fear of Danger to Anything That is Arguably a “Warning”. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 01/16/2018 (Charles W. Shifley)

01.09.18 | In Inter Partes Review — Meet the Standards of the Few, or Risk Your Petition. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 01/09/2018 (Charles W. Shifley)

01.09.18 | Can a Potential Infringer Use an IPR to Gain Access to Article III Courts?. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 01/09/2018 (Sarah A. Kagan Ph.D.)

12.20.17 | Trends and Practice Tips in Therapeutic Antibody Patenting. Banner & Witcoff IP Update. Fall/Winter 2017 (Pei Wu, Ph.D., John P. Iwanicki)

12.12.17 | Patent Law Year in Review 2017 Presentation. Presented to The D.C. Bar. 12/12/2017 (Scott M. Kelly)

12.12.17 | Patent Law Year in Review 2017. Presented to The D.C. Bar. 12/12/2017 (Scott M. Kelly)

11.29.17 | Supreme Court Continues its Analysis of the AIA in SAS v. Matal. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 11/29/2017 (Katie L. Becker)

11.29.17 | Supreme Court Considers Constitutionality of Inter Partes Review in Oil States. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 11/29/2017 ()

11.13.17 | Is a Product-by-Process Limitation a Fig Leaf?. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 11/13/2017 (Sarah A. Kagan Ph.D.)

11.06.17 | Is the Safe Harbor for Divisional Applications Shrinking?. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. November 6, 2017 (Sarah A. Kagan Ph.D.)

09.20.17 | Clinical Trials: When is the Right Time to File for a Patent?. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 09/20/2017 (Sarah A. Kagan Ph.D.)

09.11.17 | Don’t Like Your PTAB Decision in IPR? Ask the PTAB to Pack the Court. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 09/11/2017 (Charles W. Shifley)

09.01.17 | Improvement or Selection Inventions: Cannot Assume Obviousness Elements. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 09/01/2017 (Sarah A. Kagan Ph.D.)

08.31.17 | If Inter Partes Reviews Are Unconstitutional, Will There Be Zombie Patents? Yikes! It Could Happen. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 08/31/2017 (Charles W. Shifley)

08.31.17 | Fed. Circ. Decision Addresses Key Oil States Argument. Law360 Expert Analysis. 08/31/2017 ()

08.15.17 | Inter Partes Reviews – Who Can Get the Big Job Done. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 08/15/2017 (Charles W. Shifley)

07.26.17 | At the PTAB, Riddle Me This: Is the Lack of a Clear Exclusion its Own Clear Exclusion?. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 07/26/2017 (Charles W. Shifley)

07.17.17 | Using Ex Parte Appeals to Advance Key Patents to Further Corporate Goals. Banner & Witcoff IP Update. Spring/Summer 2017 (Bradley J. Van Pelt, Camille Sauer)

07.12.17 | Are Inter Partes Reviews Unconstitutional? Time for Some History. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 07/12/2017 (Charles W. Shifley)

07.10.17 | At the PTAB, Don’t Drive the Wrong Car. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 07/10/2017 (Charles W. Shifley)

06.28.17 | At the PTAB, If It’s Ancient, Meaning 1997, It’s Prior Art. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 06/28/2017 (Charles W. Shifley)

06.22.17 | Now That IPR Is Instituted, Stay For Litigation Over Growlers Is Granted – Cheers!. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 06/22/2017 (Craig W. Kronenthal)

06.15.17 | Unsupported Rule 1.132-Type Declaration by Interested Inventor Will Not Work for Patent Owner in an AIA Trial. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 06/15/2017 (Robert H. Resis)

05.25.17 | What’s the “Stock” Way to Organize an IPR Petition?. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 05/25/2017 (Charles W. Shifley)

05.17.17 | Amending Claims at the PTAB – A Fool’s Errand?. Managing Intellectual Property. 05/17/2017 (Kimberly S. Devine, Binal J. Patel, J. Pieter van Es)

05.11.17 | How Many Days in Three Months? 90? 91? 92? Not At The PTAB In IPRs. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 05/11/2017 (Charles W. Shifley)

05.05.17 | Can’t Stop Arguing? IPRs are Right for You. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 05/05/2017 (Charles W. Shifley)

05.04.17 | Federal Circuit Avoids “Foundational Change in the Theory of the Statutory On-Sale Bar”. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 05/04/2017 ()

05.02.17 | At the PTAB in IPR, Is There a New Dawn, a New Day, on Secondary Considerations? Some, But Not All, Should be Feeling Good. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 05/02/2017 (Charles W. Shifley)

04.17.17 | In IPR, Is a “Prior Art” U.S. Patent Prior? Be Careful. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 04/17/2017 (Charles W. Shifley)

03.21.17 | We Got Sued for Patent Infringement, We Want a Stay Pending IPR! How Do We Get One? Answer: Get Crackin’!. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 03/21/2017 (Charles W. Shifley)

03.09.17 | Is Your Patent Eligible for Covered Business Method Review? Your Claim Language Matters. Your Specification Language Might Matter. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 03/09/2017 ()

02.28.17 | Your Patent Portfolio and Inter Partes Review - Are You Watching Your USPTO Correspondence Addresses? You Should. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 02/28/2017 (Charles W. Shifley)

02.27.17 | In Inter Partes Review, Should I Defend My Patent with a Preliminary Response? Sure, Join the Club, Attack Everything About the Petition. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 02/27/2017 (Charles W. Shifley)

02.03.17 | Will Broadest Reasonable Interpretation in IPRs Get “Trumped?” It’s Possible. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 02/03/2017 (Charles W. Shifley)

02.01.17 | Supreme Court Confirms Broadest Reasonable Interpretation Allowed in Inter Partes Review and Limits Review of Institution Decisions. Landslide. January-February 2017 (Robert H. Resis)

01.27.17 | You Lost the IPR You Started. You Get an Appeal, Right? No, Maybe Not. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 01/27/2017 (Charles W. Shifley)

01.04.17 | How Many Words Do You Have to Challenge Each Patent Claim in IPR?. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 01/04/2017 (Charles W. Shifley)

12.20.16 | Recent Developments in Post-Grant Review Eligibility. Banner & Witcoff IP Update. Fall/Winter 2016 (Jordan N. Bodner)

12.12.16 | 2016 Recent Developments in Patent Law – Case Law. Presented to The D.C. Bar. 12/12/2016 (Bradley C. Wright)

12.07.16 | PTAB Review of Pupil Dilation Patent a Real Eye Opener on PTAB Case Witnesses and Tests. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 12/07/2016 (Robert H. Resis)

11.28.16 | Return to Sender: A Place the PTAB May No Longer Go. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 11/28/2016 (Charles W. Shifley)

11.10.16 | IPR: Histrionics and Statistics. World Intellectual Property Review. 11/10/2016 (Charles W. Shifley)

10.06.16 | Federal Circuit Hears Arguments in Helsinn Healthcare S.A. v. Teva Pharmaceuticals USA Inc. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 10/06/2016 ()

09.30.16 | 2016 Patent Developments for IT Practitioners. Presented to the Virginia Information Technology Legal Institute. 09/30/2016 (Bradley C. Wright)

09.27.16 | Late to File Your IPR, But the PTAB Says You’re OK? Don’t Worry, the Federal Circuit Can’t Care. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 09/27/2016 (Charles W. Shifley)

08.30.16 | In Your IPR, Your Expert Declares…So That’s Evidence By Itself, Right? No, Not So Much. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 08/30/2016 (Charles W. Shifley)

08.03.16 | Patent Applicants: Want to Avoid Broadest Reasonable Interpretation in Inter Partes Review? That's Right - Use Means Clauses. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 08/03/2016 (Charles W. Shifley)

07.27.16 | Patent Owner! Your Burdens in IPR – Broadest Reasonable Construction, Preponderance of Evidence, Severely Limited Amendment – But Burden to Prove You Deserve Your Patent? Yes. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 07/27/2016 (Charles W. Shifley)

07.26.16 | “Your PTAB Judges Will Be Experts” – Right? … Not So Fast. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 07/26/2016 (Charles W. Shifley)

07.11.16 | Patent Owner’s Parent Application Disclosing Osteoporosis Treatment Methods Did Not Enable the Challenged CIP Claims. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 07/11/2016 (Robert H. Resis)

06.08.16 | Is Broadest Reasonable Interpretation the Appropriate Standard in an IPR? Supreme Court to Decide. Banner & Witcoff IP Update. Spring/Summer 2016 (Robert H. Resis)

04.25.16 | U.S. Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments in Cuozzo Speed Technologies v. Lee. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 04/25/2016 (Robert H. Resis, Marc S. Cooperman)

04.15.16 | A Petitioner’s Guide to Handling IPRs in the Higher Survival Patent Arena of Biotech & Pharma. BNA's Patent, Trademark & Copyright Journal. 04/15/2016 (Robert H. Resis)

03.31.16 | More March Madness: PTAB Slams Petitioner and Insufficient IPR Petition. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 03/31/16 (Craig W. Kronenthal)

03.17.16 | Finally, the PTAB Gets Told to Give Patent Owners in IPR Some Due Process. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 03/17/2016 (Charles W. Shifley)

11.17.15 | PTAB Holds Claims Invalid That Were Held To Be Not Invalid in Litigation Appeal. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 11/17/2015 (Robert H. Resis)

10.26.15 | Eight Days Late, and an Exercise of Discretion Short -- PTAB Refuses to Conform to an IPR Settlement; Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 10/26/2015. (Charles W. Shifley)

10.15.15 | Which is Better - Patent Arbitration or Patent Post-Issuance Proceedings?; Banner & Witcoff IP Update. Fall/Winter 2015. (Charles W. Shifley)

10.13.15 | Carefully Consider Corporate Relationships When Determining Real Parties-in-Interest; Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 10/13/2015. (H. Wayne Porter)

08.13.15 | PTAB Puts the Brakes on Applying the Same Element in a Reference to 2 Elements in a Claim; Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 08/13/2015. (Craig W. Kronenthal)

06.30.15 | Preparing for the Obvious at the PTAB. Law360 Expert Analysis. 06/30/2015 (Bradley J. Van Pelt)

05.29.15 | Challenging and Defending Obviousness at the PTAB. Banner & Witcoff IP Update. Spring/Summer 2015 (Bradley J. Van Pelt)

05.29.15 | Strategies in Inter Partes Review Proceedings for Biotech/Pharma Patents. Banner & Witcoff IP Update. Spring/Summer 2015 (Robert H. Resis)

05.06.15 | No More Soup For You – PTAB Rejects Second IPR Petition Under 35 U.S.C. § 325(d). Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 05/06/2015 (Robert H. Resis)

05.01.15 | Banner & Witcoff 2015 Journal of Intellectual Property Law. Annual Collection of Published Articles and Media Comments ()

04.23.15 | Benefits of Showing Discovery as “Routine” Instead of “Additional”. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 04/23/2015 (H. Wayne Porter)

04.21.15 | A Slip of the Pen May Cost You Your IPR. IP Litigator. March/April 2015 (Charles W. Shifley)

04.15.15 | First IPR Design Patent Decision Affirmed by Federal Circuit. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 04/15/2015 (J. Pieter van Es)

04.06.15 | The Role of Post-Grant Reviews in Patent Challenges before the PTAB. Landslide. March/April 2015 (H. Wayne Porter)

03.26.15 | Use Wayback Machine with Caution: PTAB Excludes Website Printouts From Wayback Machine. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 03/26/2015 (Craig W. Kronenthal)

03.06.15 | POSITA Motivated to Pursue Clinical Development of Therapy Disclosed in Prior Art Despite Hurdles. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 03/06/2015 (Robert H. Resis)

02.26.15 | A Slip of the Pen May Cost You Your IPR. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 02/26/2015 (Charles W. Shifley)

02.23.15 | Who You Gonna Call? The Board!. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 02/23/2015 (H. Wayne Porter)

02.13.15 | Federal Circuit IPR Scoreboard: PTAB: 2; Patent Owner: 0. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 02/13/2015 (Katie L. Becker)

12.19.14 | Don’t Forget Indefiniteness as a Ground for Invalidation in a CBM Patent Review. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 12/19/2014 (H. Wayne Porter)

12.09.14 | Recent Developments in Patent Law. Presented to the D.C. Bar. 12/09/2014 (Bradley C. Wright)

11.10.14 | PTAB Follows District Court’s Claim Construction. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 11/10/2014 (Craig W. Kronenthal)

11.10.14 | PTAB Refuses to Give Petitioner a Second Chance to Articulate Reasons for Invalidity. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 11/10/2014 (Craig W. Kronenthal)

11.04.14 | PTAB Cracking Down on Serial IPR Petitions. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 11/04/2014 (Christopher L. McKee)

10.24.14 | PTAB Post Office Decision Shows CBM Proceedings Not Limited to Finance Companies. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 10/24/2014 (Charles W. Shifley)

10.16.14 | Don’t Try to Barnstorm Proof of Printed Publication. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 10/16/2014 (H. Wayne Porter)

10.09.14 | To Stay or Not to Stay. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 10/09/2014 (Katie L. Becker)

10.07.14 | Goodbye Patent Arbitration? Cheaper and faster alternatives may spell the end for a popular solution. Corporate Counsel Special Intellectual Property Section. Fall 2014 (Charles W. Shifley)

10.01.14 | PTAB Provides Guidance for Demonstrating Prior Invention to Overcome 102(a) Challenge. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 10/01/2014 (Joseph M. Skerpon)

09.24.14 | PTAB Provides Guidance for Meeting Burden to Show Written Description for Substitute Claim. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 09/24/2014 (John P. Iwanicki)

09.23.14 | PTAB Denies Institution of Inter Partes Review of Design Patent, Noting 35 U.S.C. 171 is Not a Prope. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 09/22/2014 (Michael S. Cuviello)

09.22.14 | PTAB Continues to Deny IPR Petitions, Based on Arguments Incorporated By Reference. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 09/22/2014 (Michael S. Cuviello)

09.21.14 | PTAB Permits Entry of Declaration Testimony in an IPR, But Denies Cross-Examination of Declarant. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 09/22/2014 (Michael S. Cuviello)

09.17.14 | PTAB Rejects “Unusual” Inventor Testimony That His Own Invention Was Not Reduced To Practice and Fin. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 09/17/2014 (J. Pieter van Es)

09.17.14 | IPR Petition Barred Under 35 U.S.C. § 315(b). Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 09/17/2014 (J. Pieter van Es)

09.03.14 | PTAB Draws Line on Admissibility of Declaration Evidence in IPR. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 09/03/2014 (Craig W. Kronenthal)

09.03.14 | PTAB Dismisses Argument That Priority Date is a § 112 Issue Not Reviewable in an IPR. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 09/03/2014 (Craig W. Kronenthal)

09.02.14 | PTAB Continues Hard Line on Motions for Additional Discovery, Door Open for Some Limited Discovery. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 08/28/2014 (Christopher L. McKee)

09.02.14 | Voluminous Declaration Leads to PTAB Denial of IPR Petition. Banner & Witcoff PTAB Highlights. 08/28/2014 (Christopher L. McKee)

03.21.14 | Five Considerations When Choosing How to Challenge Patent Validity. Banner & Witcoff IP Update. Spring/Summer 2014 (H. Wayne Porter, Craig W. Kronenthal)

03.13.14 | Standard For Amending Claims In IPR May Need To Change. IP Law360. 03/13/2014 (Christopher L. McKee)

02.26.14 | Motions to Amend in Inter Partes Review Proceedings – A Quick Reference. IIPI/BBNA AIA Post-Grant Patent Practice Conference. 02/20/2014 (Christopher L. McKee)

03.04.13 | Potential Benefits to Filing Certain U.S. Patent Applications Before AIA Changes Go Into Effect. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 01/23/2013 (Christopher L. McKee)

11.19.12 | Rules for America Invents Act Provision. Banner & Witcoff IP UPDATE.  Fall/Winter 2012 (Gary D. Fedorochko, Matthew P. Becker)

08.30.12 | America Invents Act Final Rules Take Effect on September 16, 2012. Banner & Witcoff IP Alert. 08/30/2012 ()

11.29.11 | The America Invents Act and What It Means for the Future of Patent Acquisition and Enforcement. Peking University's Innovation and Intellectual Property Journal. 11/29/2011. ()

10.04.11 | First Inventor to File, Derivation Proceedings and Post Grant Review After Patent Reform – What You. B&W Webinar. 10/04/2011. Matthew Becker, Gary Fedorochko, Richard Stockton and Neil Trueman. (Richard S. Stockton, Gary D. Fedorochko, Matthew P. Becker)

09.16.11 | The America Invents Act and What it Means for the Future of Patent Acquisition and Enforcement. Banner & Witcoff Intellectual Property Alert. 09/16/2011. (Gary D. Fedorochko)

06.30.11 | Status of Patent Reform Legislation. Banner & Witcoff IP Update. Article with contribution from Charles D. Wineland, III, a 2011 Banner & Witcoff Summer Associate. 06/30/2011. (Gary D. Fedorochko)

12.01.09 | Patent Reform Act Proposed For 2009. Banner & Witcoff IP UPDATE. Spring/Summer 2009. (Matthew P. Becker)