Darrell Mottley Participates in USPTO’s 3rd Annual Design Webinar Series

Banner Witcoff’s Darrell Mottley will participate in the USPTO’s 3rd Annual Design Webinar Series on August 9 from 1 pm-2:30 pm ET. 

The USPTO hosted the first annual Design Webinar Series in 2021 and extended it into 2022, focusing on building a design strategy. This final session will focus on current USPTO updates, recent caselaw, and unique issues relating to design patents, including more advanced strategies. 

Darrell and his co-panelists will provide insight into approaches to maximize business value with design patents and how to integrate design patents into a portfolio that includes utility patents, copyrights, and trademarks. The panel will also provide an overview of the nuances of developing a global design patent strategy that aligns with a portfolio strategy while avoiding common pitfalls. 

You can learn more and register for this event by clicking here.

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