A Diverse Patent Portfolio Better Protects Artificial Intelligence Inventions: Takeaways from IBM v. Zillow from a Patent Drafting Perspective

In part-two of their two-part article Banner Witcoff’s Aseet Patel and Xuechen (Rebecca) Ding partnered with Amir Kashani Ph.D. – the Director of AI and Digital Product Development for a leading tool and manufacturing company – to analyze the claims made in the IBM v. Zillow case and provide tips for drafting AI-related claims from a patent infringement perspective.

In part one of the article, Aseet and Rebecca scrutinize the IBM v. Zillow patent lawsuit and present strategies to diversify patent portfolios to maximize protections on AI-related technology.

Part two can be found on Law.com or by clicking here.

Posted: September 12, 2023

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