04.23.13 | Robert S. Katz and Darrell G. Mottley present at the USPTO 2013 Design Day: “Designs in the Digital Age”

Spend the day at this free seminar with United States Patent and Trademark Office Managers, Design Examiners, Design Patent Practitioners and Industrial Designers from across the country in a lively and thought-provoking discussion.

Banner & Witcoff’s Darrell Mottley co-presents “US Implementation of the Hague Agreement: A Conversation,” and Rob Katz co-presents “The Increasing Business Value of Design and GUI Patents and a Practitioners View on Protecting GUI¬†Designs”.

Hear how the USPTO is preparing to examine applications filed under the Hague Agreement, discuss rules and techniques relating to claiming icons and graphical user interface in the US and in Japan, hear about the value Microsoft places on its design patent portfolio, learn about design patents in post grant proceedings, and confer on best practices aimed at obtaining the strongest protection of industrial designs in the United States.

The day will conclude with a wrap-up of important design patent decisions since Design Day 2012, including the Apple v. Samsung smart phone litigations.

For more information or to register for this free seminar, please visit the event website.