08.14.19 | Banner Witcoff Ranks No. 2 for Firms with the Largest Growth of IPR Activity

Banner Witcoff has experienced one of the largest increases in the number of inter partes review (IPR) cases over the last five years, according to Patexia.

Patexia ranked Banner Witcoff second on its top 5 list of law firms with the biggest boost in IPR activity, with close to 10 times growth in the past five years. Patexia data shows that Banner Witcoff’s IPR activity jumped from five cases in 2014 to more than 50 in 2018 — a nearly 960% increase.

“Aside from its substantial growth, the firm also has been ranked as one of the best performing firms in our annual IPR reports for multiple years, especially on the patent owner side,” Patexia said in its August 14 post about the rankings.

Patexia’s post also noted Banner Witcoff’s strengths in both IPRs and patent prosecution. Banner Witcoff ranked as one of the best performing and most active firms for patent prosecution work in Patexia’s Patent Intelligence Report. Banner Witcoff also ranked among the best performing and most active firms for IPR work in Patexia’s latest IPR Intelligence Report. In fact, Banner Witcoff is the only firm listed in these reports that is in the top 20 in overall best performance for both patent prosecution and IPRs.

Patexia — a global online platform for IP professionals that provides insights, rankings and research on various IP related data — based its IPR growth rankings on a review of more than 1,000 law firms with IPR activity in the last five years.