11.14.13 | Joseph J. Berghammer joins the IPO webinar panel discussion “Harvesting Inventions: Best Practices Under First-to-File”

Harvesting Inventions:
Best Practices Under First-to-File
Thursday, November 14 at 2:00pm ET


In the old first-to-invent regime, if necessary, corporations could rely on the chronology of lab notes to serve as a marker of the date of invention of any given new compound or method. But that security is history in the new world created by the America Invents Act. This webinar will focus on the discipline required to rigorously harvest inventions from R&D into patent applications under first-to-file. Our panel includes the top patent counsel of a large technology-driven multinational and two law firm attorneys with broad experience in IP strategy. They will discuss:

  • Practical tips for regularly scheduled meetings with inventors, including dealing with creative self-deprecators who view anything they did last month as not “new.”
  • How to reduce filing time and inculcate a corporate-wide harvesting culture, taking into consideration newly acquired units and different R&D styles.
  • Incorporating IP strategy into the R&D process, with inventors thinking early on. For example, what might be more likely to be kept as a trade secret? In some industries, copyright vs. patent should be considered.
  • The increased imperative to understand competitors’ portfolios of patents and patent applications, in part to take advantage of new opportunities to challenge patents post-grant.
  • How to react to the need to “invent patents” in response to the concerns of investors, shareholders, as part of a defensive litigation strategy, or simply because new competitors in China and elsewhere are adding patents at a furious clip.


  • Joseph Berghammer, Banner & Witcoff, Ltd.
  • Stuart Meyer, Fenwick & West LLP
  • Dennis Skarvan, Caterpillar, Inc.


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