06.28.16 | Darrell G. Mottley is invited to speak at the USPTO program “Legal and Policy Considerations of Intellectual Property in 3D Printing” in Alexandria, VA.

In his State of the Union address, President Obama hailed 3D printing technology as “the next revolution in manufacturing.” Perhaps more than most new technologies, 3D printing raises a host of intellectual property questions. This conference will explore the many questions as to how utility and design patents, trademarks, and copyright will protect new innovations, designs, and creations in a 3D printing world.

Darrell G. Mottley joins a panel discussion entitled “Applying Copyright to the 3D Printing World” at the USPTO’s Legal and Policy Considerations of Intellectual Property in 3D Printing Program.

This panel will explore the role of copyright law in the 3D printing world by considering several questions, including: whether and how the useful article doctrine affects copyright protection in the 3D printing world; whether the making of an object via 3D printing would infringe the copyright in the relevant CAD file if that file was not used in the creation of the object, or if a new CAD file is created through reverse engineering; and, in the 3D printing world, for copyright protection to attach, how much of a role must humans (rather than machines) play in the design and creation of an article.

This program is sponsored by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Office of Policy and International Affairs and will be held Tuesday, June 28 in the USPTO’s Madison Auditorium.