During my first summer with the firm, I came in not really knowing anything about patent law. My mentor took several hours to give me a crash course on the basics of patent law and patent prosecution to help get me up to speed. My first project was a response to an Office Action. It took a long time, but I eventually got through it.
—Summer Associate (1L), Washington, DC
A highlight was playing a witness in a mock trial held at the ABA Intellectual Property Law conference held in Seattle. A B&W attorney and I helped put together a fact pattern for a mock trial. Because I helped draft the fact pattern and also was well-versed in Internet technologies, I was selected to play the witness. At the conference, four well-known attorneys grilled me on the witness stand for about 1 hour in front of around 300 attorneys and a mock jury.
—Summer Associate (1L), Washington, DC
“I truly valued the opportunity I had to work with so many attorneys in so many different areas of IP law (patent prosecution & litigation, trademark opinions & litigation).
—Summer Associate (1L), Chicago, IL
I asked the other firms about softball, and it wasn’t a priority … Unacceptable
—Summer Associate (1L), Washington, DC
I got more experience than I ever expected out of my summer experience at Banner.
—Summer Associate (1L), Boston, MA
Attorneys at Banner & Witcoff want summer associates to explore a range of real-work experiences. The opportunities abound. I drafted and helped file a patent application, and later helped draft a complaint and motion for preliminary injunction in a trade dress case. At the end of the summer I participated in the four day hearing on our preliminary injunction motion in federal court. By the end of the summer I really knew what IP law was about and what it would be like to work as an attorney at B&W.
—Summer Associate (2L), Chicago, IL
It was a great experience!
—Summer Associate (2L), Boston, MA
The thing that stands out was the remarkable quality of people working at Banner & Witcoff. … There was a good balance of help while still giving me challenging work. The standout positive was the drive for excellence while still being fun to work with, I found this quality in everyone I worked with and I am looking forward to spending many years in this environment.
—Summer Associate (2L), Chicago, IL