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Intellectual Property Law: Counseling,
Licensing, Litigation & Procurement
Electrical & Computer Technologies

Banner & Witcoff has been involved in significant electronic, computer and related technology matters since long before its successful defense of Honeywell, Inc., who was charged with infringing the “basic” ENIAC patent in the late 1960’s. The firm has over 30 lawyers with education and/or practical experience in electronics, computer hardware and computer software.

The firm’s electronic and computer practice involves counseling, including rendering of opinions, patent preparation and prosecution, and copyright and trade secret acquisition, as well as litigation before state courts, U.S. District Courts, U.S. Courts of Appeals and the Supreme Court. Our clients have ranged from small start-up companies to Fortune 100 corporations.

We have extensive background and experience in a wide variety of disciplines within the fields of electronics, computers, software, and related technologies. In recent years, our attorneys have handled numerous major patent infringement trials and litigation involving microprocessors and integrated circuits, semiconductors, software systems, telecommunication systems including satellite, video processing and encryption techniques, industrial process controls, parallel processing and supercomputer systems, automotive and consumer electronics and computer peripherals.

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